Chiropractic Testimonials

“I started going to see Dr. Cutting in Dec 2017 with chronic back pain, cramps in my legs, feet, hands, arms, and back, back spasms, I could walk only a few feet at a time. Walking was a big concern of mine, I needed to be able to walk again for myself, to lose weight, to keep up with my grandchildren. During my time with Dr. Cutting, I found all of a sudden my back pain was gone (after 4 months) of seeing him, I can walk a mile and half now, it was not easy at first, even when my back hurt I kept walking building up my distance.

My body cramps have completely disappeared, and I have lost over 15 pounds in one month. This is all due to Dr. Cutting and his care. I am so grateful to him for helping me. My goal is more weight loss and getting off some of my meds. I just realized I have not used my asthma inhaler in a month either. Amazing. Thank you Dr. Cutting. You have been a lifesaver to me. Thank you to my daughter Sarah who pushed me to see him."

- Tina R.

“I was never a proponent of chiropractic care, but after having had surgery for a herniated disc, then herniating another one, I wanted to try a less invasive way. And it worked! It was wonderful! I am now an ardent supporter of Dr. Cutting. The benefits from his continuing care keep surprising me. My asthma is better, and I haven’t had a migraine in years! I saw information saying this was an added benefit of chiropractics, but I didn’t think it actually would. To anyone considering chiropractic care, I can only say; please give it a chance. And prepare to be amazed!”

- Melanie C.

“He knows the body. I’ve suffered 20 plus years with hip injury and because of his work….I’m healed. His staff is most helpful. A very good experience. Highly recommend.”

- Kathleen B.

“I have been under Dr. Cutting’s care for two years now. He has gotten me through two car accidents, a sprained ankle, and in between with his chiropractic care. Also, he has a wealth of information for taking care of one’s physical health. He is kind and takes his time with his patients. He has definitely made an impact on my life and the life of my fiancee.”

- Donette C.

“I have suffered from back pain since I was a child due to scoliosis and even worse recently from a herniated disc. Thanks to very attentive care from Dr. Cutting I feel amazing and exercise normally, can sit for long car rides again, and sit in the bleachers at my kids games without pain. He always takes his time and doesn’t rush my appointment. I’m a lifelong patient for sure!”

- Chrystal S.

“Dr. Cutting’s expertise with Active Release Technique has been hands down the best thing for the cure and management of my lifelong structural and musculature issues. I am always amazed at the instantaneous results of my therapeutic visits. Where have Dr. Cutting and ART been all my life? Oh yes, growing up and becoming the most well trained chiropractor I’ve ever known. I’m glad he’s young as I will need him for the duration of my life!”

- Barb W.

“I injured my lower back some time ago and recently re-aggravated it while at work. When I first came in to see Dr. Cutting, it was hard to walk at times. He told me that he believed in time my pain would be a thing of the past. I was quite skeptical, as I told him, when he shared with me how pain works. Approximately two months later I am able to walk, run, exercise and I am feeling pretty good. I now go back and have Dr. Cutting adjust me so I am able to remain active.”

- Troy G.

“Quick and efficient scheduling, excellent response to injury symptoms, and great doctor patient dialogue helped address this issue and get me back to doing things I love to do without the pain!”

- Adam K.

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