Simple Posture Exercises For At-Home Or
At-Work In Meridian

Chiropractic Meridian ID Posture Exercises

If you are looking for simple and convenient ways to improve your posture, Meridian ID chiropractic clinic has provided two exercises you can do at home or at work.

Simple Exercises in Meridian

Chiropractic Meridian ID Simple Exercises
  1. Wall Angels: Back against the door. Start at a comfortable position for shoulders next to the body. Raise up to full overhead within a comfortable range. Pull shoulder blades down toward back pockets and then lower arms down slowly until bent elbows are beside torso.
  2. Chin Retractions: Stand or sit in the normal posture position you are used to. Nod chin downward like you are slightly nodding “Yes”. Then, pull your head back as if someone is coming at you with a hot poker stick but you can only back away with your head.

Repeat both exercises 5x and do 2 sets per day.

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