AllCore360° in Meridian ID

Active Chiropractic Meridian clients will now benefit from the opportunity to strengthen and rehabilitate using the AllCore360° in Meridian ID, which trains all of the body's core muscles in a three-dimensional, balanced, and coordinated fashion.

What is the AllCore360° in Meridian ID?

Chiropractic Meridian ID AllCore Machine

"The AllCore360° is a state-of-the-art of the system that truly is out of the box and a big leap forward in therapy and core stability training," says Dr. Anthony Cutting, Owner at Active Chiropractic Meridian. "Our patients can now experience one-of-a-kind rehab that's designed to deliver increased mobility, improve strength, and help pain management. It will allow us to treat problems earlier, give exceptional care, and help all our clients - regardless of ability or athleticism - experience a better outcome and a better way of life."

The AllCore360° allows almost anyone to strengthen and stabilize their core, which can lead to better performance and an improved lifestyle. AllCore360° is able to accomplish these improvements in as few as three 10-minute sessions per week, without ever changing out of street clothes. The cutting-edge technology delivers scientifically proven isometric contractions that strengthen more than 50 muscles from the neck to the pelvis, including the deep core muscles that support the human body.

"The human core has three-dimensional depth and functional movement in all three planes of motion," says Scott Bertrand, founder and creator of AllCore360°. "Many of those muscles are hidden beneath the area of musculature that people typically activate, which can be a problem in rehabilitation training. With AllCore360°, Active Chiropractic Meridian patients can now build a customized program to improve their performance gradually and strengthen their body at their individual level and pace."

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